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Zack Light

"Wake up determined, go to bed satisfied."

-- Dwayne Johnson

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Zack Light

  I want to get rich, a type of richness that solely depends on how many lives I make better and how many problems I solve.

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GitHub Organization

The Story

An online library where 510+ k members have studied for over 3 centuries

Commonsense QA

Investigating question-answer tasks using BERT-based models

Final Report (two other projects by other team members)

Bayesian Avocado

-- using Gaussian processes to forecast avocado prices

Airbnb EDA & Rent Prediction

-- my most comprehensive EDA, along with great GBTR results

2020 Internships Collection

-- a repo (starred by over 700) collecting internships for the summer of 2020

Interactive Presentation

-- a good example of over-delivery

-- a bad example of game development?

(inspired bymatatacmca)


-- predicting if (U.S.) NBA applicants would be successfully drafted for NBA teams based on ensemble learning and LSTM

Sentimental Tesla

  -- a sentiment analysis of the relationship between Tweets regarding Tesla and Tesla's stock price

  1. -- a shiny app that I built for visualization
  2. -- the report that our team has made


-- automated labeling of mice' whiskers for neuroscience research based on ResNet

Confounder Matrix

-- open-access tool for confounder bias analysis in systematic reviews


-- helps you automatically connect with your fellow classmates

BU RegisterBot

-- helps BU students automatically register for classes

LoadingAcademania Calculator by Zack Light (@Zackhardtoname) on .

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Some books I have read or listened since college (reverse chronological order). Let's discuss them!